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Tue, 7 Apr 1998 17:20:13 -0700

At 4:33 PM -0700 4/7/98, Lloyd Wood came up with the following:

> Sigh.
> No, Timothy, PEP is not (TM) Telebit.
> If only you had thought to check or
> read
> before posting.
> L.
> can someone add a subroutine to handle this in future?


Your predictable responses are epic. So you're assuming that because the
Germans bought Telebit any Trademarks that Telebit owned the Germans are
going to ignore? While the Germans might be stupid enough to buy a obsolete
hulk of a car company like Rolls Royce don't assume they are that stupid in
every endeavor. I owned a number of Telebits and they were very aggressive
on marketing their modums with PEP (TM).

Your statement that PEP is not (TM) Telebit is not backed up by any
reference on the site and Telebit modums are still listed as being PEP

> FastBlazer 8840 - V.34 modem
> WorldBlazer - V.32bis and PEP modem
> T3000 - V.32bis modem
> T2500 - PEP and V.32 modem
> T1600 - V.32 modem
> T1000 - PEP and V.22bis modem
> TrailBlazer Plus - PEP and V.22bis modem
> QBlazer Plus - Portable V.32bis modem
> QBlazer - Portable V.32 modem
> All of the brand and product names stated here are trademarks or
>registered trademarks.
> =A9 1998 ITK Telecommunications

So unless you can provide a Lexis/Nexus search of Trademarks showing
ITK/Telebit no longer owns (TM) on PEP please try to control your whining.



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