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> I just checked this out and, as a ska fanatic, I have to complain about the
> choice of recommending "Today's Specials" as it is a horrible, horrible
> album. I'm sorry, but drum machines and ska don't mix.

I really like two of the songs on the album -- "A Little Bit Wrong, A
Little Bit Right" and "Pressure Drop". You're right, the rest of the
album is kind of sucky though. So I'm taking it down a notch.

> Anyway, Adam, since you've recommended nearly everything the Specials
> have done you should consider picking up their newest (came out last
> week), called "Guilty 'Till Proved Innocent":
> which is more of an attempt to sound like older Specials. Doesn't quite
> succeed, but certainly beats the crap that is "Today's Specials".

I'll have to check it out. You're right though that the current lineup
pales in comparison to the original lineup.

> Also, would recommend (but only for serious Special's fans), The Dawning of
> a New Era by the Coventry Automatics:
> which is really all of the Special's demo tapes. Basically there are a lot
> of very famous Specials songs on here, but in a much cruder fashion. I
> quite like it.

Sounds interesting. I may have to add this to my order.

> There are, of course, a ton of other good ska bands out there, but, I'm a
> bit busy right now. Soon, I'll add to the FoRK ska list. Two quick ones
> in the recent release categoy (both on Hellcat, a subsidiary of Epitaph)
> are the Slackers' Redlight:
> for which Musicblvd only lists 5 songs, though there are 12 (??).

Yeah, Musicblvd has several screwups; in general, though, they're pretty

> They're a great, smooth, old style ska band with a very NYC attitude (their first
> album is good too). In the past five months I've travelled to Buffalo and
> Philly to see 'em live, and this Thursday I'm going to be dj'ing between
> sets at their show in Cortland (and MC'ing the show) - not that any of you
> are close enought to come, but it should be great.
> Also, Hepcat's "Right On Time". Very smooth. Lots of fun:

Thanks for the recommendations; I've added them to

> If you saw the movie _Swingers_ the guy who played Charles (the token black
> friend) is one of the lead singers of Hepcat (Alex Desert). I've met the
> band a couple of times and, honestly, I think they are a group of truly
> down-to-earth nice guys. They're from LA, so all you LA folks should catch
> 'em some time (they put on an amazing live show). Their other albums are
> great as well, this is just the most recent.

Rohit, I smell bar night!!


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