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Tue, 7 Apr 1998 20:35:49 -0700

dcrook wrote:
> You know Adam, you really should put some kind of warning label on
> these posts. There I was, checking out the great FoRK approved music
> list and there to my horror was..
> 4.Metallica
> 1.Load (adam, rob)
> 2.Metallica (adam, rob)
> 3.Reload (adam)
> 4.Ride the Lightning (adam, tbyars, rob)
> How anyone could chose load, reload and the Metallica albums to
> represent Metallica's music is beyond me. No Kill 'em all, no Master of
> Puppets, heck not even ... and Justice for All. Surely this must be
> some continuation of the April Fools festivities. If it wasn't for
> Tim's contribution all would be truly lost.

Dave, anyone who doesn't already own those three Metallica albums is
beyond help, living in the first circle of Dante's Inferno without a
hope of ever reaching salvation. In the words of Rohit, such folks
are "untrainable".

However, if it pleases the court, I have since added links to the three
classic albums whose oversight can only be attributed to those of us
having a clue not wanting to share it with the rest of the world.

...And Justice for All

Kill `Em All <----- what a great friggin album, man

Master of Puppets

all linked of course from


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