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Steve Nordquist (
Tue, 07 Apr 1998 23:34:33 -0500

CobraBoy wrote: <--It's late.

> At 4:33 PM -0700 4/7/98, Lloyd Wood came up with the following:
> > Sigh.
> > No, Timothy, PEP is not (TM) Telebit.

It's what people did before zooming (viz. 'Sometimes I get into
severaldocuments at once, and five or six people come by but I never lose my
place and I'm zooming. Other times there's just one pretty one and then I
really zoooooom!' (no attribution nec.)) Also, Cisco was calling broken
negotiation PEP (no license) some time ago, before there was a foamy
white virginal head on IPOs.
Then there's

> > If only you had thought to check or
> >
> > can someone add a subroutine to handle this in future?
> lloyd,

People Exchanging Power say "Master Lloyd, holder of my escapesequences" is
appropriate. (First consultation's a way.)

> Your predictable responses are epic. So you're assuming that because the
> Germans bought Telebit...

US Holding company. Zot!

> going to ignore? While the Germans might be stupid enough

Whatever stops inflation. It was that or trenchcoats stuffed with balloons
asofficemates. Darnit, why can't AOL send out billions of copies of Fedbase?

> I owned a number of Telebits and they were very aggressive
> on marketing their modems with PEP (TM).

And Citibank also, with a wide range of PEP stocks, PEP loans. Maybe thesame
dismal technology. short:

> Telebit modums are still listed as being PEP

Oh, well maybe it was for -dealing with- bad connections over analog voice
lines. --the facts
I see them advicated for use with Russia
Whale song noises in negotiation. I remember the discussion of the code
now, but have asked ITK anyhow.

> So unless you can provide a Lexis/Nexus search of Trademarks

??!? And yet, you're suggestible. Don't lose that don't-know mind!