Fleetwood Mac, Robert Earl Keen Jr., The Orb, and Janet.

I Find Karma (adam@cs.caltech.edu)
Tue, 7 Apr 1998 19:58:05 -0700

Klassa writes...
> >>>>> On Fri, 3 Apr 1998, "IFK" == I Find Karma wrote:
> IFK> What should I add?
> Two off the top of my head -- Fleetwood Mac's *The Dance* (the live CD
> they came out with not long ago), and Robert Earl Keen's *No. 2 Live
> Dinner*.
> The latter is actually, egad, *country music* but it rocks... I've
> been listening to it non-stop. Have you heard on the radio, around
> Christmas, that song with the title "Merry Christmas from the Family"?
> It goes, "mom got drunk and dad got drunk, at our Christmas party / we
> were drinkin' champagne punch and homemade eggnog ... little sister
> brought her new boyfriend / he was a Mexican / we didn't know what to
> think of him 'til he sang Feliz Navidad / Feliz Navidad". The album is
> worth the price just for that song. There's some really good stuff on
> there.

Cool recommendation. I've added to


The Dance...


No. 2 Live Dinner...


Elwood's recommendation of The Orb's ABtU...


And Rohit's recommendation of Janet Jackson's Velvet Rope...


And right now I'm listening to Radiohead's OK Computer, possibly
the best rock album to come out in 1997...



The Verve distanced itself from the Nike ads by donating its $175,000
cut entirely to charities, a fitting use of a song lead singer Richard
Ashcroft wrote while drawing on the memory of his father's death. Since
mid January (read: NFL playoffs showing the Nike ad featuring
"Bittersweet Symphony"), they have sold 700,000 copies of "Urban Hymns"


and now have sold over 5 million copies of the album worldwide. LA
radio stations have recently been warming up to two other album tracks,
"Lucky Man" and "The Drugs Don't Work".