Re: A potential candidate for Rohit's soul mate.

I'm not a real doofus, but I play one at a national laboratory. (
Wed, 8 Apr 1998 9:12:16 -0500

> HI! My name is Melissa. I'm a mild mannered (yeah right!) librarian by
> day. At night I come to life. I'm not exactly a party animal. I don't do
> anything. I just enjoy watching everyone else doing silly things. When
> you don't drink you don't have to worry about blackmail.

She's knows how to use a double-positive negative. Check.
She has trouble sleeping during "normal" hours. Check.
She's Heideggerian, into Dasein. She likes Being There. Watching. Check.

> Now, there are some who think they can blackmail me. They soon find
> out I admit to everything that I do. I go to Science Fiction
> Conventions. The people there are not exactly Mundane. We like to have
> fun and most of us are very respectable in our day jobs. Every once and
> a while we go a little crazy. We don't do damage and we spend a lot of
> money.

She's paranoid. Check.
She has porous psychic boundaries. Check.

> Of course, the Novi Hilton didn't really appreciate that. They
> couldn't handle people walking around in Klingon outfits. Not to mention
> telling a costumed gentleman (who happens to be a priest;) - in a
> loincloth - to get dressed even though there were women wearing MUCH
> LESS! I don't think that any ConCom (Convention Committee) will consider
> the Novi Hilton for another Science Fiction Convention. Ah well!
> Mundanes have a few problems;)

She hangs out with conventional, semiclad non-Mundane people. Check.

> Some of my interests besides Science Fiction and Fantasy include
> writing. I attempt to write science fiction, fantasy and even some
> erotica. (For those with milder tastes.) Now that I'm on a non-partisan
> server I may even post some ;-)

She hangs out on the (inner) fringe of science and sex. Check.

> I study Middle Eastern Dance aka Belly Dance. I enjoy it. It gives a
> great workout. After doing ballet, jazz, tap and the rest Middle Eastern
> was a breath of fresh air. I know it has a reputation for being
> kootchy-kootchy but it is only sensual. It is a celebration of the
> female body - something most other dance forms are not.

She believes there's fresh air in the Middle East. Check.

> I have studied martial arts. My special interest is Tai Chi Chuan. It
> could be that my Tai Chi has been the only thing keeping me sane. I've
> studied a few others but I always come back to Tai Chi.

She is sane only because of Yang Lu-chan. Beijing There. Check.

> Now for the vital statistics. I am single, beautiful, and looking. I
> am tired of being left for women who will have sex without the benefit
> of a ring. If you believe sex is the beginning and end of a
> relationship, I'm not interested. If you are looking for a caring and
> giving relationship, that can grow into something special - I'm game.
> I've had it with the "we're just having fun" crowd. (The last two men
> I've been with, much to my surprise, especially since one of them had
> professed his "love" for me, were in this category.) If you are
> interested in starting a correspondence just send me e-mail .

She believes Token Ring will survive. Check.


But can you/she BEAR the name Owsley, Stan?


"Destiny's powerful hand has made the bed of my future and it's up to me to
lie in it. I am destined to be a superhero, to right wrongs and pound two-
fisted justice into the hearts of evil-doers everywhere. You don't fight
destiny, no sir! And you don't eat crackers in the bed of your future or you
get all ... scratchy." The Tick