Re: Free Java Software To Global Education Community

Joachim Feise (
Wed, 08 Apr 1998 15:58:04 -0700

Lloyd Wood wrote:
> On Wed, 8 Apr 1998, CobraBoy wrote:
> > o Authorized educational institutions can download the free software
> > from a special Sun website,
> No date on this 'press release', and that URL gives a
> 'page has moved'.
> which is a trifle odd. I mean, if _Sun_ can't get themselves a port in
> the first 1024...
> Haven't been able to connect to 8080. Bogus.
Does your firewall block it?

I was able to get there just fine:
An initiative exclusively for Universities, Colleges, Primary/Secondary Schools

For those that register under this program, Sun will supply at no charge,
unlimited site licenses for many of Sun's popular software written in the Java
computing language. Almost every institution that teaches worldwide, is eligible
for this program, if they teach Java technologies.

Software is available for free download over the net, and in some cases, as
media only packages available from SunExpress at a small charge. All languages
and computing platform versions that are produced are also available under this
program, though not all may be immediately downloadable. Support is available
for these products

Please note that all these software packages are made available subject to
license terms and conditions that we ask you to accept before we issue the
licenses for use. The terms include usage for teaching and primary research by
bona fide education institutions only. You may read these terms now or when
asked to accept them when you register. Sorry, the program is not open to
individual students, personal use, commercial companies, non-profits, or other
non-education customers.

Almost every institution that teaches worldwide is eligible

Institutions eligible for this program exclude those that the US government
restricts software export to. The exclusions are listed in the US Department of
Commerce's Table of Denials. The table includes some universities in selected
countries and certain individuals/companies.