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> April 2, 1998
> Morph-y's Law
> The federal government cannot outlaw "lascivious" images of
> young-looking adults, a federal judge ruled on Monday. In an 11-page
> ruling, U.S. District Judge Gene Carter said a federal law that
> criminalizes so-called morphed child porn violates the First
> Amendment's guarantees of freedom of speech. "The statute impacts a
> significant amount of adult pornography featuring adults who appear
> youthful" and is thus unconstitutionally vague and overbroad,

This is very interesting. I'm not sure what he is referring to "morphed".

Wither this refers to animation or actual adults. As in example it is
currently against the law to have a 45 year old woman in pig tails and
school girl uniform saying she is 12 years old. You and your distributors
would be up on child porn charges.

The current law reads something like "using underage children or adults
appearing as underage children"



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