Your kind fork invitation

Lisa Dusseault (
Wed, 8 Apr 1998 15:32:51 -0700

You first pointed me at FoRK four months ago, but I didn't get around to
looking at it until this week.

Some commentary: The trouble with exchange of kudos is that they are
anonymous. You don't care about what site/bits gets the most kudos, because
of the 97% rule. You need to categorize kudos, so that you can find out
what the 3% is looking at. And what you really get back to is something
like FoRK. Or, you really must check out It appears
that you have been listed at that site: did Magnus invite you, and did you
just not accept his invitation yet? Anyway, at, you can
rate web sites. That's how you find out what bits your friends think are
worthwhile. I'm sure we could write a better system, but the one at
sixdegrees is at least there to try out.

You made a very funny comment last Tuesday night: "here we are, eleven
geeks and Lisa in her natural environment..." Oh Rohit, your vicious habit
for truth will be your undoing. FoRK looks like another possible natural
environment for me, and admitting that will probably be my undoing.
Nevertheless, I've decided I could stand being on FoRK. Thank-you for the
invitation. I'm sure you could use some more estrogen on this list. Want
to know what women really want? They want the same things as men, but they
go about getting it in a different way.

Lisa "if friendship is commutative, then welcome to the FoLD" Dusseault.