Re: Titanic falls and Radio bits [was Re: Haiku]

spunkanado (
Wed, 8 Apr 1998 20:41:22 -0400 (EDT)

On Wed, 8 Apr 1998, I Find Karma wrote:
> cobraboy wrote:
> > > Janie, welcome to FoRK! We appreciate your post.
> then elwood replied:
> > You would never posted this had Janie not identified herself as female.
> I beg to differ. Tim Byars welcomes with open arms anyone and everyone
> to post whatever comes to mind, whether they be male or female.

Yea, this is true. unless tim was hitting on me or something (out of the
closet time for tim, i think not) then he does to all extend his finger of

> *I'm* the one who jumps down peoples' throats when they do something like
> crosspost something to both Voxers and FoRK ("I don't piss in your
> swimming pool, so why are you doing the backstroke in my toilet?").

Oh poo. there are times when a bit is aimed at both. Besides, this places
isnt too much of a toilet> Look at it this way, if vox is the unrial in
the bathroom of the internet, fork is like that neat japaneese bidet that
has the cool shower nozzels and fragrences.

In the words of the great wonk

"I equate passenger pigeons with intelligent usenet readers, myself;
they're in damn short supply, and I'll never be reincarnated aseither. "