White Trash Kit

CobraBoy (tbyars@earthlink.net)
Wed, 8 Apr 1998 17:47:24 -0700

Are you tired of nights out at swanky restaurants with your S.O.? Can you
turn an Oxford girl into a simple piece of white trash?

The answer of course is YES! Simply click here http://www.belligem.com/ and
those high priced nights out are a thing of the past. No more boring opera
when Garth is in town. No more arty movies on the "Independent Film
Channel" with TNN around. Formula 1? What a bunch of fags... Now you and
yours can enjoy NASCAR, truck pulls, mud bog racing and all the other fun
events appreciated by White Trash everywhere.

But wait there's more...

Say your S.O. is a person of color? No problem. Unlike other ethnic
fashions the White Trash look crosses all boundaries. Hell, Garth is #1 in

Order now...

So shrug off those pretensions of the 80's. Reagan can't even remember his
name. Dumb down your bad self, get with the White Trash look and maybe,
just maybe if your really lucky you'll sit on the throne of all White
Trash, the Jerry Springer Show!