Re: [VOID] Continuing the search for one person in 5.8

Ian Andrew Bell (
Wed, 08 Apr 1998 17:34:41 -0700

Well, I should just take this opportunity to point out that the young
ladies at my office, who initially inquired as to the cause of my laughter
while reading email, have enjoyed several of Rohit's FoRKed bits. Next
time he's in Vancouver he's guaranteed to be popular here at the Phone

Several times, while reading bits from the VOID, I've thought that the
nucleus of the story makes for a great romantic comedy. I then decide that
I would have to be a truly bastardous writer (is there any other kind?) to
do so, since it's so emotive and well-written in the first place. In
either case, be that the reality or the fictional version, it's pretty
evident that there's got to be a happy outcome.

I think that any woman who reads the Rohit VOID bits will inevitably see
him for the non-digital being he really is. Writing can be a dazzling
array of light which illuminates the soul and RK uses it well. If they're
the right ones then they'll fall in love with his words -- a Cyrano de
Bergerac thing.

I've been actively dating for ten years now, my longest relationship being
one tumultuous year, and I think maybe I just expect too much from women.
Until you find the perfect one, being with a woman generally isn't all it's
cracked up to be, IMHO. So many people in my life have compromised, and I
pity them.


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