Re: The definitive XML series.

Dirk Riehle (
Fri, 10 Apr 1998 18:59:53 +0200

>>be missing the point. XML is not just about the web, but as a kind of
>>successor to SGML, it is a much more powerful metamodeling language
>>suitable for a wide range of tasks.
>Then again, maybe that's *exactly* what the Web is about.

So I probably have to broaden my question: Are there any documented
experiences with using XML for applications outside the scope of what
the Web is *today*?

For example, our group's previous project (Beyond Sniff) has used a
proprietory generic data representation mechanism (called Any's
(not to be confused with CORBA anys)) to (meta-)model the repository
of a software development environment.

Now with XML, I hope we can simply kick out our proprietory
parsers, file/repository readers/writers, etc., and use off-the-shelf


PS: An example would be a UML "formalization" using XML for
the repository of a modeling tool. Or, what about XML based modeling
of database schemas?

(PPS: Is it schemata in English?)