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KUCI top 30 for April 6, 1998

1) Frank Pahl: In Cahoots (Vaccination)
2) Windy & Carl: Depths (Kranky)
3) Faith and Disease: Insularia (Ivy)
4) Mars Accelerator: Frankfurt: Telephonics (RxRemedy)
5) V/A: Hard on the Eyes, Easy on the Ears (Blackbean)
6) Donnas: American Teenage Rock 'n' Roll Machine (Lookout)
7) Ed Pias: Ancestor's Halo (Extreme)
8) Pan American: s/t (Kranky)
9) V/A: Foxtrot (Chalice/World Serpent)
10) Eltro: (Miner St.)
11) Electric Company: Studio City (Island)
12) Color Filter: Sleep In A Synchrotron (Fuzzy Box)
13) cEvin Key: Music for Cats (Metropolis)
14) Decibels: Create Action! (GI)
15) Buffalo Daughter: New Rock (Grand Royal)
16) Bright Eyes: A Collection of Songs... (Saddle Creek)
17) Chocolate Weasel: Spaghettification (Ninja Tune)
18) Fetisch Park: Alluvial (Extreme)
19) Spiny Anteaters: Spiny Anteaters' Last Supper (Ba Da Bing!)
20) Material: The Road to the Western Lands (Mercury)
21) Good Riddance: Ballads from the Revolution (Fat)
22) Neutral Milk Hotel: In The Aeroplane Over The Sea (Merge)
23) Gastr del Sol: Camofleur (Drag City)
24) Your Choroid Coat: Lexaunculpt (self-released)
25) Harmonia 76: Tracks & Traces (Ryko)
26) Four Skulls: 7" (self-released)
27) Bonfire Madigan: 7" (K)
28) Skylab 2000: Daybreaks (Phatt Phunk)
29) Sonic Youth/Jim O'Rourke: Invito al Cielo (SYR)
30) Ram Umbus: Swing Low (Ecstatic Yod)

Lhasa Cement Plant: I Am Providence (Flydaddy)
Shadow Ring: Hold onto I.D. (Siltbreeze)
Village of Savoonga: Score (Communion)
Schramms: Dizzy Spell (Checkered Past)
Le Mans: Le Mans/Entresemana (Grimsey)

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