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Thu, 16 Apr 1998 16:44:18 -0700

At 4:05 PM -0700 4/16/98, Ian Andrew Bell came up with the following:

> Extremely long URL:
> <
> 9&P4%5FFOLLOW%5FON=%2F98%2F4%2F16%2Fecncomb16%2Ehtml&pg=/et/98/4/16/ecncomb1
> 6.html>
> Theory of Spontaneous Human Combustion Goes up in Flames
> By Aisling Irwin

> Other explanations include a knife wound to the stomach of someone
> who suffers from excessive flatulence in the presence of a spark.

So someone stabs someone, says, "shit what's that smell" and lights a match?

Yeah.... sure.



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