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Clinton given Kama Sutra book, hands it back

SANTIAGO, Chile (Reuters) - President Clinton was handed a copy of the Kama
Sutra by a mischievous journalist and after glancing at a couple embracing
on its
cover handed it right back.

Clinton was given the illustrated Kama Sutra, the oldest known treatise on sex
written in India 1,500 years ago, Saturday just after posing for a hilltop
photo" of the 34 Western Hemisphere leaders at the Summit of the Americas in

The U.S. president, who often stops to chat with crowds, took the book as the
Americas leaders strolled down a hill to lunch in a restaurant overlooking the
Chilean capital.

A few steps later Clinton accepted a saxophone held by out another person.
An avid
saxophone player, but acutely mindful of his image, the president fingered the
instrument's keys but apparently thought the better of playing and gave it

The two journalists who offered the gifts, both reporters for Argentine
television shows, regularly try to embarrass politicians in front of
cameras by
putting them in compromising positions.


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