Windows 98: Conspiracy or Urban Myth?

Gregory Alan Bolcer (
Mon, 20 Apr 1998 13:06:00 -0700

The only reason I am sending this the following:
the same exact thing happened when he was demonstrating
Windows 95. I am still convinced this an *urban myth*
and at the very least is sloppy reporting by MSNBC and
maybe part of their groudswell conspiracy to make him look like a victim.
Anyone think it's a conspiracy that Chicago was also a code
name for one of their products? Given the sense of humor
of some Microsofties, I think it's plausible.
CHICAGO, April 20 - The computer gremlins went after
the big enchilada Monday: Microsoft chairman Bill Gates.
Gates, the featured speaker at the opening of the
Comdex Spring computer show, was demonstrating the
new Windows 98 operating system set to debut in June
when the system crashed.

On a separate note: Nintendo and set top boxes?

>IM MERRICK, software engineering manager for
>Nintendo of America, minces no words about Nintendo's
>intentions in the emerging interactive-television arena:
>"We're not going to pioneer it," he says. "We don't want
>our customers to suffer the learning curve."


>Certainly, Nintendo still has plenty of time to make
>an aggressive move on the set-top front, and may well
>be secretly planning one. Through the years, the
>company has forged connections with a wide range of
>consumer electronics and technology companies, and
>officials say the company is monitoring the set-top scene closely.

They had been planning on their next generation console
until SGI decided to lay off all the people working on it
and those left got lost in the shuffle. So long, Mr. MIPS.