Nice to See M$ standing up for the little guy

Jay Thomas (
Tue, 21 Apr 1998 16:30:18 -0400

I get the feeling M$ just wants to protect other software companies,
so they can gobble them up. Gotta protect the food supply :)

"We believe there's a fundamental principle at stake in this
case.We're standing up to protect the freedom of every software
company to innovate and continually improve their products for

Microsoft Tries to Protect Freedom for Innovation

Tue Apr 21 12:33:23 PDT 1998

Arguing that it is trying to protect the freedom of American software
companies to innovate and improve products, Microsoft Corp. Tuesday
urged a federal Appeals Court panel to overturn a preliminary
injunction issued in December, 1997.

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I think so, Brain, but culottes have a tendency to ride up so.