Re: Nice to See M$ standing up for the little guy

Mark Baker (
Tue, 21 Apr 1998 16:58:39 -0400

At 04:30 PM 21/4/98 -0400, Jay Thomas wrote:
>Arguing that it is trying to protect the freedom of American software
>companies to innovate and improve products, Microsoft Corp. Tuesday
>urged a federal Appeals Court panel to overturn a preliminary
>injunction issued in December, 1997.

Do they *really* believe this, or are they just putting shareholder
interests ahead of what's best for consumers, and conveniently ignoring the
truth? I'd pay money to know the answer to that question - it really
intrigues me.

Perhaps we could formulate an experiment. We'd need rats, and ... hmm.
Maybe just rats. 8-)

In related news, Jim Barksdale advertises the fact that he's either the
dumbest man on the planet, or optimistic to the end. Either way, he's just
given MS some ammo to use against him. Didn't he hear about that survey
that got FoRKed a while back (can't find a ref, sorry) saying what we
already knew; that if something came bundled, a vast majority(?) of people
would use it over something they had to download?

Barksdale does not expect to lose a significant number
of Navigator customers when Win 98 is launched
because IE will "primarily go to people already using it."


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