"Shaping the future of HTML"

Mark Baker (distobj@acm.org)
Wed, 22 Apr 1998 00:40:00 -0400

Anybody going? What's the schmooze factor of this thing?


Is HTML 4.0 the last HTML? Does XML mean the end of HTML? Has W3C given up
on HTML?

Rest assured, W3C's answer to all three questions is "no". HTML, in
conjunction with style sheets, promises to be a vital part of the Web for
years to come as the ubiquitous format for global hypertext. Millions of
people have learned HTML and have documented vast amounts of information
with it, ensuring its future role.

What is that role? How will HTML co-exist with XML, RDF, SMIL, and other
languages? W3C has ideas but we need your help.

You are invited to help shape the future by voicing your particular
outlooks, needs, and criticisms at a workshop on the future of HTML.
Participants will have a chance to discuss their views directly with the
designers of HTML. The workshop will help W3C Members and Staff evaluate
issues and challenges to be met by future versions of HTML.

Mark Baker.  Chief Technology Officer, Beduin Communications Inc.
Ottawa, Ontario, CANADA                     http://www.beduin.com