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Wed, 22 Apr 1998 19:01:37 -0700

At 9:40 PM -0700 4/21/98, Mark Baker came up with the following:

> Anybody going? What's the schmooze factor of this thing?
> Is HTML 4.0 the last HTML? Does XML mean the end of HTML? Has W3C given up
> on HTML?

> What is that role? How will HTML co-exist with XML, RDF, SMIL, and other
> languages? W3C has ideas but we need your help.
> You are invited to help shape the future by voicing your particular
> outlooks, needs, and criticisms at a workshop on the future of HTML.
> Participants will have a chance to discuss their views directly with the
> designers of HTML. The workshop will help W3C Members and Staff evaluate
> issues and challenges to be met by future versions of HTML.

Well first off come up with better acronyms. At least make words that
people can say out of them. I have to recommend former employee Rohit Khare
and current Apple Employee Dr. Ernie as consultants on this. A brief look
at some of their acronyms should convince you of their merit.

Big Sexy
and last but not least...
I want my MTV


... at least you can drive something fast, arm your-
self with powerful tools, and look good doing it.
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