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I was wrong, it was sent out in February of this
year. Incidentally, DARPA is sponsoring a workshop
on the issues of choosing NT as a research platform
in August. Position papers due May 1st.


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Subject: Windows NT as a research platform

I'd appreciate it if you could forward this announcement to
the relevant researchers in your programs:

The Windows NT platform is of increasing interest to the
research community, and DARPA ITO is planning a workshop in
conjunction with the Usenix Windows NT conference in Seattle
in August; see for
details about the main conference.

The DARPA workshop, set for August 5, is for the purpose
of sharing information about using NT as a research platform
in various domains (e.g. networking, visualization, agent systems),
for identifying technical and/or contractual issues of concern
to DARPA researchers, and to plan a strategy for using the
platform as it evolves in the future.

Those desiring participation should submit a 1-2 page paper to
by May 1, outlining an ongoing project, a position on an issue,
a panel proposal, or a strategy plan,
to Jeanette Barker (

Details of the workshop will be distributed prior to June 1.

Hilarie Orman

Hilarie Orman

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