Re: Defcon Bill

Joachim Feise (
Wed, 22 Apr 1998 12:00:09 -0700

Robert Harley wrote:
> A pawn of the Evil Empire wrote:
> >>Gives a new meaning to 'blue screen of death'.
> >Like, "panic: freeing free inode" is any better? Give me a break.
> I fail to see a connexion between a file-system error and a total
> O.S. meltdown. Perhaps a better analogy would be "kernel panic".
> I've read about such a thing but in ten years of Unixing I've never
> seen one (nor have I seen "freeing free inode" for that matter).

You would have seen kernel panic if you did kernel hacking. That's the only time
I've seen a kernel panic in Linux.
My last BSOD in NT was when the last Teardrop 2 attacker hit a couple weeks
So in this case the problem was not bad memory, but the guys at MS who are
unable to write a decent IP driver.
Besides, this "bad memory" thing is just a lame excuse. Unix works without
problems on the same machines.