RE: Defcon Bill

Joe Barrera (
Wed, 22 Apr 1998 15:29:12 -0700

> Here's why this doesn't work. [...]
> Let's assume that the Toyota uses a weird methanol-based
> fuel, while your Porsche uses conventional unleaded petrol. Now, lets
> say that the fuel producers begin to cut back on petrol production,
> causing vendors to stop carrying petrol...

If you can't get unleaded petrol, try unleaded gasoline as a substitute. I
bet it will work.

Okay, so what's the magic string to end/lose a thread? Nazi Nazi Nazi?

No, wait, I've got it. Your use of a fuel shortage analogy, along with a
reference to BOTH German and Japanese cars, is meant to remind us of the
importance of fuel (in particular, the fuel shortages in Germany) during
World War II. Which means that you're equating... um... the Allies with

- Joe

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