Re: Defcon Bill

Jeff Bone (
Wed, 22 Apr 1998 16:58:54 -0500

> I personally hate Toyota's because of bad experience that I had with
> But I could care less if you have one. Let's try to adopt the same
> about computers, shall we?

Here's why this doesn't work. Let's say you hate Toyotas. Now, let's
assume that Toyotas have 90% of the car marketplace. Let's say you have
a Porsche that you really love, that outperforms the Toyota for your
purposes. Let's assume that the Toyota uses a weird methanol-based
fuel, while your Porsche uses conventional unleaded petrol. Now, lets
say that the fuel producers begin to cut back on petrol production,
causing vendors to stop carrying petrol... also consider the issue with
spare parts, mechanics skilled in working on Porsches, etc.

The point is: you're wrong. You don't care whether anyone else has a
Toyota, as long as you are not forced to own one yourself.