Blizzard Sofware/ Starcraft

Gregory Alan Bolcer (
Thu, 23 Apr 1998 11:11:15 -0700

Blizzard abuses computer privacy by
taking personal information such as a user's
name and email and broadcasting it back to Blizzard.

"The company says the
information was gathered to
resolve a specific technical
problem during a seven day
period this month, was not
saved, and the company has
no plans to do anything like
this in the future."

We're sorry and we won't do it again simply doesn't cut it.

Another point of the moralistic deterioration of the gaming
industry? Salon has an article on the game review process and
how gaming journalists have no qualms about taking bribes for
positive writeups.

Finally, I got my Nintendo 64 1080 snowboarding game. It's
by far the best game I've ever seen. I am going to play it on
the big screen with our projector today. Life-size realism
is fun. Honest reviews pending....I had to pay for it myself.