CobraBoy's 4th annual Cinco De Mayo Party

CobraBoy (
Thu, 23 Apr 1998 11:54:46 -0700

Yes just over a week away is May 5th, or Cinco De Mayo. As usual I will be
celebrating the holiday at La Capallia Mexican Resturant. If you are
reading this you are invited. Bring frineds, bring lovers, bring whatver
you like. I will be on the patio and it's a great place with great
drinks/food. Actually the NoCal branch of FoRK, and hell even the Boston
branch should fly out and join us.

La Capallia is easy to find, from the 405 exit Beach Blvd. Proceed south a
couple of miles. On the right had side of the street there is one of those
discount gas stations, (red and yellow in color) turn right (Adams St.) and
the first driveway you come to turn in. That's it.

I usually arrive early (around 4:00 or so) to make sure we have a prime
patio table. I'll post once more closer to the date, and I hope to see
everyone but Lloyd there.....



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