Re: CobraBoy's 4th annual Cinco De Mayo Party

Ron Resnick (
Thu, 23 Apr 1998 15:52:33 -0400

CobraBoy wrote:
> and I hope to see everyone but Lloyd there.....

WAAAAITT a minute!
You mean you even hope to see ME there?
I thought *I* was CobraBoy enemy #1?

Doesn't all my effort way back in the First Great FoRK FlameWar (FGFF)
) count for anything?

All Lloyd has to do is take a few cheap, annoying shots at the
list at large, and he usurps my role as Tim's guy-to-hate??
Tsk. Lloyd is but a newbie in these parts.

The shame of it. Oh where, oh where did I go wrong.......

:-) Hiya Tim.

(And, once we're on the subject of provoking and flaming,
am I the only one who can't understand what the hell
Steve Nordquist is talking about? Honestly, I try,
but Steve seems to write in a language that vaguely
resembles English, but which I am decidely unfamiliar with.
What's with that Steve?)