Re: CobraBoy's 4th annual Cinco De Mayo Party

Ron Resnick (
Thu, 23 Apr 1998 17:56:23 -0400

Joe Barrera wrote:
> It's pretty simple. We've had ADDs and bipolars on this list for quite a
> while, and now we have our own schizophrenic. On the legendary CMU Opinion
> bboard, we had James P. Salsman <>
> providing us with a continuous stream
> of schizophrenic thought that almost sounded coherent. Unmedicated
> schizophrenics are great fun as long as they don't eat up too much
> bandwidth. As a bipolar, I've chosen the medicated lifestyle, but hey, to
> each his own.
> (BTW, I write this with more respect than you probably think...)
> - Joe
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Aw, you can't fool us Joe with all this feigned sensitivity, compassion
and wisdom about subjects other than computing!

We know you're really nothing more than just a pawn
of the evil empire, so don't try to pretend otherwise :-)

Go back to your accustomed role as "Defender of the BSOD"

[Just to be ABSOLUTELY clear, since there's a tendency to
have things misunderstood in the starkness of email, the
above is intended with tongue firmly planted in cheek. For
those who don't know, JoeB is about as close as FoRK ever gets
to being a class act.]