Re: Adam goes wild !Request for Info...Diva? Anyone? Beuller?

Jay Thomas (
Fri, 24 Apr 1998 11:26:35 -0400

I Find Karma wrote:
> way. Too bad the movie "Two Guys and a Girl" doesn't have a soundtrack

Oh, Adam :( I hope you, whose taste in movies, I totally respect,
wouldn't recommend this turd of a movie! I (and the group I was with)
found it so laughingly, appallingly bad, one of us left early, and
despite the fact that it was a *free* preview, the rest of us wanted
our money back! Worst movie of all time. Give Robert Downey back his
heroin! We spent so much of the movie laughing, I don't remember
actually hearing any music, other than RDJr.'s singing (atrocious).

On another matter, speaking of books we've read, I have a favor to ask
of the list. Circa 1986-8 I read a book, pure pulp, but with a
fascinating premise. A chemist (american meaning vs. Brit) creates a
drug, a derivative of LSD (BTW, tomorrow, 25/4 is the anniversary of
the 1943 discovery of LSD), which when injected, propels him backward
in time, through the stored genetic memories of his ancestors. He is
actually able to re-live the lives of any of his ancestors, as far
back as he wants, all within the confines of his brain. He lives
through the French Revolution, converses w/ Christ, etc. I would love
to find & re-read this book, alas, all I remember of it is that the
cover was sky blue, with clouds, and a clock face, where the hands of
the clock were hypodermic syringes. Any help would be appreciated.

Now, all we need to know is who Cartmans mother is :)

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