RE: Why Rohit hates being 23.

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At 11:59 AM -0700 4/30/98, Lisa Dusseault (Exchange) came up with the

> When I first saw the title "Why Rohit hates being 23" I thought I should be
> even unhappier about being 25, a whole 2 years older! Then I was a little
> surprised to realize that I'm not at all unhappy.

> To bring this back to the original topic, I'd be surprised if Rohit is truly
> that unhappy being 23. I don't know Rohit very well, but I'll apply some
> female intuition here with unusual bluntness: I think Rohit really enjoys
> a lot of what he's doing. I think he has high goals and measures himself
> against great people. I think he always pushes himself. He probably dwells
> very little on past successes because he's always looking to the future and
> future goals. I'm sure he complains about not achieving as much as he
> wanted to, or as much as Newton allegedly did, but that's part of Rohit's
> odd half-humility. Really, he thinks he's pretty damn smart, but has
> realized that bragging is rarely popular. On the other hand, comparing
> oneself to high ideals and stating that one falls short is quite socially
> acceptable. C'mon Rohit, isn't that true?

Well first off I don't think Adam meant that in total seriousness.

Second, all this age bullshit is just that, bullshit. A few rules will
always apply. There is always going to be someone younger, faster, better,
etc. Period. If you invent a greatest thing since sliced bread but are a
fucked up loser, you still are a fucked up loser that invented something
great. Does that mean that your invention isn't wonderful? Nope. Does that
mean you are for inventing it? Nope.

Somehow the concept of judging your life by the age at which you do some
insanely great thing is pretty pathetic. It's like some delayed Boy Scout
merit badge equivalent. And it seems awfully self defeating.



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