Re: MP3 player that loads files into RAM

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From: Tom Whore (
Date: Fri Apr 14 2000 - 13:49:17 PDT

On 14 Apr 2000, Karl Anderson wrote:

--]ramdisk, do you? Don't the windows players have a buffer option?

On a win box:

Ramdisks, easy as pie to make.

Winamp has had massive support for buffering since day one. Well maybe day
two. Hit the Options/Preferences/Input/Mpeg Decoder/Decoder section.

From here you can set buffer size, decoder mode (optimization of sorts)
as well as a few other tweekers.

If you have a version of winamp BEFORE 2.10 you can also set it up so
anything you stream in, via shoutcast or, can be saved to disk.

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