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From: Brian Atkins (
Date: Mon Apr 17 2000 - 23:14:28 PDT

Jeff Bone wrote:
> Enter the newco. Clickfeed is a multipurpose news portal --- we're calling
> it a "metanews agency." There are two basic capabilities right now. First,
> we've got a large number of topical newsfeeds that are populated with
> headlines and summaries by bots scouring various places on the net, pulling
> stuff from various upstream providers. Users can subscribe to feeds that

Do you pay the content creators for their news? Just curious since Ebay
seems lately to be successfully suing bots for stealing content.

> interest them, and we'll do the best job we can to pull news that's relevant
> for them. Second, and more interestingly, is a sort of "meta-Slashdot"
> capability: we allow users to set up their own newsfeeds. Similar to a
> blog, but it supports various options and policies for subscription, posting
> of items, moderation, privacy, and so on. A simple bookmark mechanism lets
> people post links to pages, with optional summaries, from anywhere on the Web
> to any feed that allows them to post to it.
> This is really just the first set of features. We intend to offer feeds out
> as RSS / RDF for others to use on their websites; various prioritized
> delivery options, including e-mail, paging, and IMs; a variety of even more
> automated filtering techniques; and a variety of tools for using online news
> flow for research and analysis purposes. Oh, and about a million other

Sounds like ?

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