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From: Tom Whore (
Date: Mon Apr 24 2000 - 09:02:06 PDT

--]Gee, Greg,
--]sounds like you want an enforced copyright law?

Part of me sort of hopes this as well. When that happens at least those
who traffic in this stuff will know what they are.

"we are teh pirates, who dont do anything" veggie tales


"if you cant do the time , dont do the dont do it" Sammy
Davis singing the theme for Barreta.

Was a time when those who juarezed knew they were on the wrong side of the
law. Now a days folks pass along mp3s and think they are in the right.
Hello, Mc Fly. As the law stands now if you pass along a Lyle Lovete mp3
to a lover you are comitting a crime. Dont matter that you only wanted to
express love and passion in a smooth smooth sultry voice. The law is the

"then the law is against my heart" Jesus

The teacher tells us that the laws of men can not still the spirit. The
spirit moves without bounds of money or copyrights. It is manifest in
expressions and emotions. Can you trademark the smile, the lift of love
run shotgun over your cardio-vascular system? Can you stamp a coinage to
cover the traffic of an anger that spreads across the body like a viscous
plunge into revolutionary dreams?

Is it criminal to do these things? Yes. As it stands now it is against
tehlaws of the United states of America and several other major population
centers. Do we throw ourselves behind the enforcements of these laws, or
do we seek other ways to both render unto the artist what is theirs and
let the expressions flow without fear of Renos jack booted minions?

We are definetly in a time of change, this much is crystal clear. It seems
that those who would cling to the old laws are about to get dipped in the
muck. I have no doubt that the record industry will seek to maintain its
hold on the flow of moneys and power of trafficing, but that may be all
for nothing.

If the masses are circumventing their laws, and lets face it
enforcement is going to be high on impossible for more than slap on the
wrists (unless they are stupid enoough to escalate it to a Wacco extreeme)
if the masses perisst in doing as they are, then thier revenue streams
will dry up. Im sure they will find others.

So heres to those who would spin thier wheels for the Status Quoitions.
The smoke will be usefull to cover its retreat:)-

"One likes to belive in the spirit of music
but glittering prizes
and endless compromises
shatter the illusions of integruity" G Lee

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