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From: Tom Whore (
Date: Fri Apr 28 2000 - 08:11:57 PDT

On Fri, 28 Apr 2000, Edd Dumbill wrote:

--]> Anyone else playing with it (
--] Squishdot <>, which
--] turns your Zope site into Slashdot

Just to test how the installs on the products would go I tooka few minuets
durning last nights Smackdown to install Squishdot on WSMF. Well you can
see the results over at

Consider this a new Forker hang out, use it abuse it, I want to see where
it falls apart:)-

--]It appeals to me because it provides a component-based attitude to
--]building sites that's missing from the more conventional template-based
--]approach using something like ASP or PHP. Because of this, people who
--]write Zope products are aware that they're delivering functionality, and
--]that appearance should be customizable -- this sets Zope products apart
--]from most open source pre-baked libraries for doing things like forums,

What is striking me more and more is the way the folks making the products
are building in customization and usablitiy in such a way as to make it
great for both top level "web designer" type and for code heads, plus all
those who fall in the tween.

--]Zope's weak spot currently is documentation, which they are addressing,
--]I believe. There's also a nifty project underway to integrate it with
--]Mozilla <> which might
--]result in a more convenient management interface.

Im not much for docs. Mostly I love to grab a quick reffernce sheet and
bang away at it till it makes sense. Zope is amazing at this. So far
nothing has hit me across the head hard enough to make me wish for an
Oriely Anaimal , though I will love one when it comes into being.

The Zope Doc project is yet another cool thing to watch as it grows up.
The process is as educational as the product.

--]mentions Zope. Greenspun seems to like it but takes the view that they
--]spent too much time building the lower levels (like the DB layer, for
--]instance) so never quite got around to building some of the more useful
--]layers for site builders, such as calendar, commenting etc. that his
--]ArsDigita Community System

I wasnt that impressed with the Greenspun interview, nor in the views hes
expoused before. A little too much of the push sell and the "must be done
this way"ism. Theres an almost palpable desperation in his need to be the

--]That looks to be changing now as more people write "products" for it.
--]And, for better or for worse, Python sounds a bit more trendy than Tcl.
--]Zope has me hooked, anyway.

What really hooked me about it was when i prototyped a project at work in
it and was done in 40 mins.

Hooked and loving it.

Thanks for the words.

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