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From: Dan Brickley (
Date: Sat May 06 2000 - 06:00:25 PDT

I'm trying to work out which I find most (un)appealing / intriguing... -- floating 'conferences' for geeks or
"freedom ship",, where life sounds like a
cross between Starship Troopers, Titanic and a globe-circling tax
haven. Can only be a matter of time before someone talks some cash-happy
venture capitalists into backing a floating geek city... :-)


Welcome To Freedom Ship

 ... a fascinating and unique place to live,vacation, run
a business, retire, work, or visit. The ship will
continuously circle the globe, covering most
of the world's coastal regions every 2 years. The
ship will be home to a full spectrum residential,
resort, and commercial community. It will spend 25% of its
time in motion, and 75% sitting offshore exciting
touring destinations.
  "Nearly a mile long, 750 feet in width and 25
  stories high, Freedom will be the largest
  vessel to ever sail the seven seas."

     One of the ship's outstanding assets is the peace of mind it will
offer to
 those seeking a high degree of physical security for themselves, their
 and their possessions. Of course, Freedom Ship will enjoy the
protection of
 its flag country, as do all ships. But in addition, security has been a
 consideration second-to-none in the vessel's conception and design. The
 ship's demographics, pre-screening of property owners and tenants, and
 strict security procedures will all contribute to an uncommonly secure
 environment. Freedom Ship's highly trained, full-time security force of
 two thousand persons will focus solely on protecting the ship and its
 population. Over two thousand additional employees will be trained in
 and security, and be available in the unlikely event of an
emergency. Personal
 privacy will be scrupulously respected. Security efforts will be
 only with the physical well-being of the community's population. They
 not intrude, or be involved with, residents' personal life, business,
 or commercial transactions. From every point of view, Freedom Ship
 residents will enjoy significantly greater personal security and safety
 than they do in their land-based home and community.


overning Laws
      Freedom Ship is only a ship, not a political entity. It will
operate under the
 same rules and regulations as any cruise ship. As a sea-going
 vessel, it will fly the flag of a specific country (to be determined at
a later
 date), enjoy the protection of that country, and be subject to its laws
 regulations, as well as to maritime law. In addition, its residents
will be
 subject to the ships Rules and Regulations.

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