Information Architects to Provide Kodak With XML Solutions

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From: Roddy Young (
Date: Mon May 08 2000 - 08:29:45 PDT

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Roderic Olvera Young
ZOT Group

Tom Dudchik
Information Architects

Information Architects to Provide Kodak With XML Solutions for Photography
Services On Interactive Television

iA's Metaphoria(R) Framework Brings Rich Picture-Based
Content and Functionality to Interactive TV Set-tops -- 8 May 2000 -- Information Architects (iA; NASDAQ:
IARC), providers of XML-based dynamic content aggregation and syndication
solutions, today announced
an agreement with Eastman Kodak Company (NYSE: EK) to supply technology
infrastructure, architectural solutions and development services
to support Kodak's interactive television service, announced earlier today
in collaboration with Scientific-Atlanta.

     The new service is being developed collaboratively by Kodak and
Scientific-Atlanta, with trials expected to begin in the fall. Kodak will
offer consumers an easy way to view, edit, organize, share, order prints of and
publish digital pictures from their TVs via broadband, interactive
television technology.

     The power and flexibility of iA's Metaphoria Framework will add value to
the Kodak service through the aggregation and syndication of
picture-related content, as well as providing innovative new ways of sharing
and managing pictures online. Metaphoria leverages leading-edge
JAVA and XML technologies to offer solutions that enable content or
information sources to seamlessly distribute and aggregate both information
and functionality across multiple sites and devices.

     "We are pleased to be working with Kodak in the development of their
interactive TV service," said Robert Gruder, CEO of iA. "iA's Metaphoria
Framework provides scalable, two-way dynamic exchange of functionality and
data in any format -- including pictures and multimedia. Our
growing client base has demonstrated how Metaphoria provides an ideal
foundation for expanding Web-based business models and enhancing
online customer and affiliate relationships.

     "Picture-related content, applications and functionality are quickly
becoming the most popular areas in online technology," Gruder added.
"Metaphoria's ability to easily repurpose content for dynamic aggregation
and syndication to any connected device, including interactive television
set-tops, lays the foundation for a variety of eBusiness and Internet

     "Bringing digital photography into the living room through the TV opens
a world of possibilities for consumers," said Brian Marks, director of
business development, Consumer Digital Services, Eastman Kodak Company. "We
are pleased to be working with Information Architects on
developing the underlying technology that will support our interactive
television service."

     For additional information about Kodak products and services, visit the
Kodak website at .

     Information Architects delivers information management solutions that
empower eBusinesses to securely distribute content and functionality
across the Web. iA's dynamic syndication solutions enable the seamless
development and management of global content and functionality
syndication from one source to any Web site or device connected to the Net.
This dynamic syndication can help companies improve data
exchange and collaboration among co-workers, customers, suppliers and
partners. iA's core offering, the Metaphoria(R) Framework, is an open,
patented, XML-based product suite delivering customized digital information
on the Web. Its dynamic aggregation and syndication technology
enables users to access content and commerce application from any source --
even multiple sources -- enhancing the overall user experience,
promoting site stickiness and loyalty, and augmenting eCommerce-generated
initiatives. Further information about iA is available at .


Metaphoria is a registered trademark of Information Architects
Corporation. Kodak is a trademark of Eastman Kodak Company.

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