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From: Tom Whore (
Date: Fri May 12 2000 - 10:22:05 PDT

If a person buys a POrsche, reads not a page of the manual, gets not an
ounce of trianing on its handling, is fresh out of getting a Driving
permit not 3 days before...and this person takes it out on the raod and
lets it fly open....thinking "well the designers and engineers must have
built in some safteys so i dotn kill myself".....then he greets the side
of a school bus foll of pre k types as they were in the middle of a barney
sing along....

Do we blame the car makers
The school bus
or the driver.

Suppose some one uses a machine, say a computer, and doesnt research
its potential. Say this person starts running applications or allows thru
lack of training (ie ignorance) applications to be run. Suppose this apps
is called Fdisk, or Format, or a script to rewrite some files with some
other data.

Do we blame the apps makers
the os makers
the coimputer makers
or the user

or all of the above

If you make an idiot proff app you are more likely to get idiots than a
good app.

Time to realise that most folks dont evebn take responsiblity for thier
own belife system, the core of their mental well being, much less what an
email appliance is doing.

Waiting for godot , or the cluetrain, to come hit the world onthe head
with the snesable stick is a great vision. While your having this vsion be
sure to make sure your not walking in any dog shit. tom 3:16


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