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Date: Mon May 15 2000 - 12:40:04 PDT

It's 42, dammit.

On Mon, 15 May 2000, Tom Sweetnam wrote:

> Tom Whore wrote:
> > There is no end of the rianbow. Thats the best part. transcendence is
> > about motion, not about rest. We are moved such that the universe moves,
> > flow such that it flows. To go beyond that which we are we must move in
> > directions we can not even understand at the moment. Even by being still
> > we are moving, if not in physical paths then temperal paths and if not
> > temporal then in spiritiual.>
> > The gorilla who can punch buttons to get food has transcended grunts to
> > get food. In his or her way a motion of means has come to be. When we see
> > others more so than ourselves we have moved past, if for only that split
> > second it takes to jump on a grendae, what we were to what we can become.>
> > Becomming does not end, it simply shifts
> > and so we shift into out of and thru various dimensional levels of being.>
> > no end no begining we have only to celebrate the moment now to celebrate
> > the everything.
> Triiiiipeee dood! Real trippy. I'm gonna go get a pen and write all this
> down. In the meantime, I think your synapses could use a good 104+ octane
> spark, so I'm going to recommend one of the most highly regarded
> philosophical treatises still making the rounds at Cambridge University: A
> Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy by Doug Adams. The English think we're far
> too metaphysical in the US you see, which is a much nicer way of saying
> we're all full of shit, or at least full of ourselves, but the English being
> the English are far too graceful to come right out and say it, and I tend to
> agree, so it shouldn't surprise anyone too much that an Englishman like
> Adams has reduced the BIG mystery to a single two-digit integer...47. I like
> that. No Grand Unified Theory for Adams and all those Cambridge dons. 47
> works them. Me too. How about anyone else out there? Does 47 work for you?
> And no wisecracks like "What an odd number", and stuff like that. Let's keep
> this discussion serious, huh? ;-)

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