Re: a constructive use for old hardware

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From: Tom Whore (
Date: Mon May 15 2000 - 09:14:44 PDT

On Mon, 15 May 2000, Eugene Leitl wrote:

--](((I don't recall where I've seen this, hopefully not here. In case
--] someone has a pile of old junky hardware, here's a possible way to
--] reuse it.

I posted this last week:)- Mr G, better known as t3kn3kl , is an old vox
buddy of mine. He does miracle work for his school system with bare bones
and animal skins. The kids he mentors are all being schooled via the
oldskewlrulez, hence they will have half a clue as to why things work they
way they do.

Just as ababies must crawl before they walk, so to must younf
cimputer peoples cli before they gui.

50 lashes with a repostnoodle for you eugene

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