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From: Tom Whore (
Date: Tue May 16 2000 - 13:21:04 PDT

On Tue, 16 May 2000, Gregory Alan Bolcer wrote:

--]It turns out, it really is all about the money. Napster
--]should start hiring big time deal closers and work out
--]an equity deal to the music players based on number of
--]xfers. I think this Napster gang is going to grow up to
--]be a huge legit music force. Hell, if they just started
--]selling t-shirts, they'd have a multi-million dollar a month
--]revenue stream.

The real fun is when Napster starts legal action against gnutella:)-

Napster is played, has been right after they got a CEO. Distrib the
process folks, Gnutella and Freenet are the ways to go here.

Every Other Road LEads Thru Middlemen (and women)

Emusic, atomic pop, etc allow distro of sonds and media (cds tape etc) for
those who are want to have them. Heck,I purcahsed PE's Poison the day it
came out..the MP3 download of it that is.

What was trying to do with online music sellers via the MyMp3
thing was another way to go. Purchase of the media came with availabilyt
of the music via other formats. I purchased the replacements Best Of and
three mins after the pruchase was done I had the songs ready for me in account; the CD came a week latter.

If I were a middleman I would be worried as all get out about tech.

But I aint. Im a small, shit a micro, artist who also loves listening. Im
an Old Time Radio show collector. I am someone who loves infromation
systems. Thru these things I have come to see the beautious motion of the
nets flow.

Teh geneis out of the bottle and the cork is lodged firmly up the
middlemans butt.

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