RE: [Winer] Sun & SOAP: Yes or no?

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From: v - Mark Kuharich (
Date: Thu May 18 2000 - 16:38:15 PDT

XML takes a lot of bandwidth and parsing, why use this instead of a simple
binary protocol like IIOP or JRMP that has been designed for object
invocation? It isn't very performance oriented. SOAP doesn't even compete
with RMI or CORBA as binary protocols are much more efficient than metadata
(such as XML). SOAP is best used when you want COM+/DCOM, CORBA and RMI to
work together. But SOAP is not object-oriented (despite the "O" in its
name), does not handle security, has a weakly-typed schema and relies on the
whim of HTTP for keeping sockets open. Perhaps its greatest weakness in that
the wire protocol is built on a text-document markup language. Why are we
using text to send ints, longs, floats, etc?! For anything more than a
simple remote call, however, SOAP will require the application to rebuild
all the services that come for free with CORBA. Would you rather trust a
home-grown security service over a framework one?

Mark Kuharich

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