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From: Tom Whore (
Date: Mon May 22 2000 - 08:07:18 PDT

On Sat, 20 May 2000 wrote:

--]You also realize, of course, that once Napster goes legit and attaches the
--]micro-payments mechanism that the law requires, it could be a major
--]distributiuon channel

Remeber back to the movie Blue Velevet..>Remeber paticularly to the point
in the movie where denis hoper takes a good hit off the hahagas and voices
the clearest statement on this subject .."Fuck the fucking party, the
fucking partys fucked..(inhale)"

Napster heading intot he land of the suited YikYak is good for just one
thing, a laugh and a wave as the gnutella nets bloom past expectations, as
the protocols robusticise ( i must i must i must improve my robust) and
the legions of mp3aholics move over tot he bar with out all that god damn
neon flashing in thier faces.

Harken back also to the movies of the Godfather saga. "Kay, i promise the
family will be legit in 5 years" Yea right. What makes this all a buzz and
moving is the fact its not totaly legit, that somethign is being done not
only outside the system but to damage the system in place.

Then again with the Barney generation taking up the keybaords maybe the
placating of the inner spirit is about to come into the fore.

meet the new boss
same as the old boss

The best I can hope for the situation, napster fades out like an upgrade
to Multimate.

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