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From: Karl Anderson (
Date: Thu May 25 2000 - 19:36:34 PDT

Lorin Rivers <> writes:

> There's always a bigger, badder, older, newer, blah, blah, blah in any crowd...

Nice thing about net-time is that all you have to do is be a geek to
be an oldtimer. I've got a few of the earliest web pages, certainly
some of the the earliest pages with actual interesting content, & most
certainly some of the earliest of those with the same address today.

No records, but 1st written between NCSA Mosaic & Mosaic Comm., so
Jan-Dec 1993 [0]. 130 web sites then [1], a current amount is
surprisingly hard to find, but HotBot says it sees "more than 110
million". So I could say that I have some of the 0.0001 percent
oldest web pages in existence, but instead I say that my web presence
is older than search engines, Yahoo, web advertising, or ubiquitous
web pr0n.

[0]: <>
[1]: <>

Karl Anderson 

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