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From: Tom Whore (tomwhore@inetarena.com)
Date: Wed Jun 07 2000 - 08:39:48 PDT

The net offers some amazing little freebes . A Group of old time radio
enthusiasts and myself are delving into using all that the net is offering
up to get our OTR fixes and to spread the shows.

One of these is an Mplay feature that lets us basiclay set up a play list
of the shows we are stashing on myplay. This list can be lslistened to by

Myplay , for those who dont know, is a free drive/storage place that
offers 3 gig of space onthe net. As you can imagine 3 gig is a lot of
space for OTR mp3s. We are constantly adding new shows for the stream.

Whenever you care to head on over to this url.

    [---===tomwhore@ []wsmf.org []inetarena.com []slack.net===---]
                   WSMF's web site ----http://wsmf.org

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