Re: National Sign-On Letter to House on H-1Bs, U.S. Immigration

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From: Joachim Feise (
Date: Thu Jun 08 2000 - 14:57:02 PDT

As a matter of fact, we had a discussion in one mailing list I participate
in, and somebody (not me) cc'ed you.
Your first email, however, was cc'ed by you to a great number of other
people outside of the original mailing list.
And somebody from that list of people resorted to a personal attack.
BTW, he cc'ed you on that attack as well, so I doubt that you don't
know who it was.


Norm Matloff wrote:
> Joe wrote to someone (I don't recall who)
> I don't consider anybody resorting to personal attacks worthy of my
> attention.
> He now says:
> > Of course, Mr. Matloff Cc'ed his original answer to everyone on his
> > list of anti-immigration advocates.
> That sounds pretty _ad hominem_ to me, Joe, attacking both me and the
> people I cc-ed.
> Joe, let's keep in mind that the only reason I am part of this e-mail
> exchange is that you cc-ed *me*. Prior to your cc-ing me, I was not
> a participant in the exchange.

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