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From: Steve Nordquist (
Date: Sat Jun 10 2000 - 23:46:28 PDT

Didn't think I'd seen this fake news site in a while,
although strangely they put Mssr. Gates instead of Ballmer on .

> > "When an OEM removes End-User Access to a Middleware Product
..someone's probably had an anonymous tip line....

> The only more rational method I can see is to do a full audit of all R&D,
> development, advertising, legal (!)
No, that's not part of the cost of business except in pseudo-byzantine,
northern-California-bred statute/state wildling law. Or perhaps
for I.P. reinsurance! (Which, why have if their 'fab' are
captive?) Straight figure there...right?

The business model charges to offer tersity to who may ask;
so one could argue to raise the denominator. Secondly, a specific
low-gram middleware (all installer, no code?) could corrupt-once,
run-profligately (CORP) and offer a rebate....

Meantimes, using Rohit as a yardstick for the H1B visa has
some appeal, but a simple "which stuff does not belong in this
{non p-code} loop" test might select exactly....

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