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From: Stephen D. Williams (
Date: Mon Jun 12 2000 - 09:43:17 PDT

John Klassa wrote:

> >>>>> On Mon, 12 Jun 2000, "Stephen" == Stephen D. Williams wrote:
> Stephen> I've seen many references in the last 5 years to Crystal
> Stephen> Reports (created by Seagate or one of the HD manufacturers).
> Stephen> It is used by quite a few companies.
> That name seems to pop up a lot, yes.
> Stephen> If I had to do a lot of this, I'd couple python (perl would
> Stephen> do also) with a good, clean graphing library and generate
> Stephen> HTML or XML directly, using style sheets. Tables solve most
> Stephen> of the headache of size and wrap.
> By "using style sheets", you mean you'd have the code generate plain,
> unencumbered HTML and let the style sheets handle any beautification
> that may be desired?


> Stephen> The minor formatting work needed is easily offset by the use
> Stephen> of a full scripting language with indexed collection support
> Stephen> that makes it easy to do arbitrarily complex post-processing
> Stephen> of database info.
> Agreed. :-)

There are a number of graphing libraries out there, but at first glance I
wasn't overly impressed with ease of use of any of them.

I just performed a search for: "python graphing pie chart line scatter" on
google and had one hit, but apparently a good one:

If it's clean enough, you could add any chart types it doesn't have.

Since I found something useful, I'm cc'ing FoRK and my geeks list. Hope you
don't mind.

> Thanks for the reply!
> John
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> John Klassa /


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