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From: Gregory Alan Bolcer (
Date: Tue Jun 13 2000 - 18:37:40 PDT

Here's what you need:
  I want someplace we can sit down that's quiet enough for a group
of 5 people to talk comfortably over a round of really strong Latte's.
Your m-commerce device goes out, puts a bid out onto the wire in the
local area, 2 Starbuck's respond, and a Deitrich's coffee responds that they
aren't that busy and further, they have a deal on Triple shot Blue
Mountain Lattes right around the corner and there's two couches open
in the corner that they'll save for you.

E-commerce can't get much more friendly that that.

Greg wrote:

> No, the killer apps for consumers are what they have always been for
> consumers, whether it's been for the telphone or the internet or anything
> else: communication. where are my friends? Hi Mom. And maybe where can I get
> a pair of brown socks on sale within 15 minutes of here? A mobile device that
> can do phone calls, short messages and e-mail, and also knows where you are
> and can look around for friends or for things that you're looking for (a
> Starbucks, e.g.)

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