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Date: Fri Jun 09 2000 - 06:59:34 PDT

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>In Parrish's keynote address at Internet World in Sydney on Wednesday,
>he laid it on the line: it's email and instant messaging that will make the
>money and draw the crowds.

Don't we already know that from Finland etc, where short messaging is all the
rage, not checking on the price of Nokia? couldn't we have inferred it from
that scene in the movie "Clueless" where cher and her friend are talking on
their cell phones iin the school corridor? There just ain't that many
day-traders looking to check stocks every second. Sure, something like half
of all Americans own stocks, but most own them indirectly, thru a 401K or a
defined investment pension plan, which means they don't know the names of
individual companies shares to track, and a lot of those who DO own stock
directly don't need or want to check every minute of every day.

No, the killer apps for consumers are what they have always been for
consumers, whether it's been for the telphone or the internet or anything
else: communication. where are my friends? Hi Mom. And maybe where can I get
a pair of brown socks on sale within 15 minutes of here? A mobile device that
can do phone calls, short messages and e-mail, and also knows where you are
and can look around for friends or for things that you're looking for (a
Starbucks, e.g.) and that (if you're in a car) talks to a display that gives
you driving directions (see Bill Joy;'s techno-optimistic piece in Fortune
earlier this year), is what will work. Now, moi, non techie, moi doesn't
know whether WAP has any role or any advantages in delivering those features:
But those are the features.

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